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Sleep is the issue haunting more than 40% of the human population. Sleep problem is due to distorted brainwaves, meaning your brain is unable to switch off at bedtime due to over activeness and unable to enter into sleep mode which is the Theta and Delta brainwave states.

Our Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology helps an individual to tune their brainwaves to that of the Deep Sleep Delta Frequency non-invasively and in turn, have his brain naturally enter the Sleep state and enjoy a deep profound sleep subsequently.

Just spread the Sure Sleep Mat below your pillow and start enjoying a deep sleep!!

Enjoy the Deep Sleep!! Insta Deep Sleep Mat with Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology


US National Institutes of Health, prescribes a minimum requirement of 20% of Deep sleep out of total time on Bed, for a Healthy Sleep. View Details.

Here below are the Deep Sleep study carried out using a Sleep Monitor equipment, on 4 different persons, when they were using SURE  SLEEP Mat, spread below their pillow; It may be observed that in all the cases, SURE SLEEP MAT has ensured a minimum of 20% of total  time in Deep Sleep status. It has also been observed that DEEP SLEEP time increases with the increased usage of the Sure Sleep Mat.
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Mr.J.Srinivasan 45 yrs.( Corporate Executive, Delhi)

This Mat is one of the best things that has happened in my life. I had lost my sleep for almost 10 years because of my stressful lifestyle, but tha ...

Mr.CM.Devarajan ( 65 Yrs) Retd: Bank Officer

True to its name, the Sure Sleep Mat facilitated a Deep Sleep for me for about 8 hours ! Normally I used to have a good sleep, but my sleep was too ...

Mr.Sharda Rajagopal ( 48 yrs)

I have been using this mat for the past 1 month and what an amazing effect it has on my sleep pattern!!! I used to be an insomniac for years and n ...

Mr Thyagarajan ( 78 yrs)

Mr Thyagarajan ( 78 yrs): This is a marvelous product and at this age I am getting what I needed most…. a sound deep sleep which this mat is pr ...